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One of the most relevant cartoons for cards is the interest rate for purchases made. In general it is what we look most at when ordering a plastic, however, there are other associated values ​​that are important to evaluate if you want to know which is the best credit card in Chile. In this post we did an analysis of the monthly commission that a Visa card can have in 46 versions of 15 financial institutions that offer this product in Chile and when comparing them, we found that you could save up to more than $ 10,000 per month.

Credit cards have many advantages as long as we know how to manage them and choose the most convenient one

Credit cards have many advantages as long as we know how to manage them and choose the most convenient one

Monthly Visa Card Fee By doing a general scan of all 46 card options, MACH offers the lowest monthly fee of $ 0 on your MACH Visa. At the other extreme is the Cream Bank with the highest commission of $ 25,470.76 with the Visa Platinum card. A difference of 100%, but if we leave out the virtual card, the lowest commission is also from Cream Bank with its Visa Chilena Internacional card for $ 1,874.47, a difference of $ 23,596.29. (Measurements based on UF March 9, 2019.)

On average, the monthly commission on all credit cards is around $ 6,500, but we wouldn’t be fair if we put everyone in the same bag. The benefits offered by each Visa card in some way have their cost and are aimed at different types of customers according to their purchasing power, for this reason, we will review by range according to the minimum income required, the cards with the highest and lowest commission charges monthly.

In many cases, if you have a bank account at the institution, they do not charge you the commission, but it depends on each card and each place.

Visa card for minimum income up to $ 300,000

Visa card for minimum income up to $ 300,000

The average monthly commission for these Visa cards is approximately $ 4,300, where Tricot has the highest monthly credit card commission with $ 10,695.51, compared to the lowest of $ 0 for Mach or Cream Bank with $ 1,874.47, a difference of $ 8,821.04 a month if we think of Cream Bank, which would represent a saving of $ 105,852.48 a year.

Visa card for minimum income from $ 300,001 to $ 500,000

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For this range of cards the average monthly commission is approximately $ 4,800. Discarding the virtual Visa card, the cheapest and lowest-income commission is $ 2,461.62 from Scotiabank Cencosud and the most expensive with the highest income is $ 6,064.4 from the Capital Lender Bank Visa Gold card. However, considering incomes less than $ 500,000, there are cards where the monthly commission reaches up to $ 9,648.02 for both the CMR Visa Elite and the Gold Visa of CMR Falabella and Scotiabank respectively.

Visa card for minimum income greater than $ 550,000

For this last group of Visa cards, where the minimum income to be able to acquire it must be greater than $ 550,000, the average monthly commission is approximately $ 9,200. For this group, the bank that charges the highest commission is Cream Bank with $ 25,470.76 per month and the lowest is from Cream Bank with $ 2536.05, but of course, the minimums are different.

Now you can see the annual savings that comparing can mean, just by evaluating the value of the commission and the minimum income necessary. Compare and determine the Visa card that best suits you, making the best balance between costs and benefits according to your needs or your lifestyle. In Compare you can review the different options one by one and thus find the best credit card in Chile.